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Творчество учеников и друзей


Лепка ученицы Натальи

Павел с известным художником Bivas Chaudhuri


Юлия Логвиненко – известная художница, преданная Господу Кришне. Близкая знакомая Павла

e-mail yulialogvinenko@yahoo.com

Фотографии дизайнов Марии Толок

Decor Effects by M
Two step satisfaction – Design and Furnishing. We do it all.
Integrated service – Design and Furnishing. We use excellence as a standard and help you create your space with your time and budget in mind.

It is believed that your surrounding has a big influence on the condition of the mind and spirit
You are where you live. Your attitude is how you live. Your inner peace is how well things in your life are arranged and the best example of it is the arrangement of your home.

Your house should tell a story, I will be honored if I can help you create a beautiful one by my decorating inspirations.


Прекрасная вышивка ученицы Елены

Статья ученицы Елены о йоге